Key features in brief:
Mobile customization
All our websites have a responsive design and look great on every device. So forget about struggling to adjust the blocks or measure the pixels. Responsiveness is a crucial factor in ranking a website since the search engines always prefer a mobile version in the first place.
JSON LD markups
Want to stand out and leave the competitors behind in the SERP? It couldn't be easier! Just include the necessary JSON LD markup of any type on the page!
Accelerated indexing
Right after building a website, it gets a sitemap.xml file generated. It is updated in accordance with changes. The file contains canonical URLs that are available to search engines all the time! Duplicated pages are excluded even earlier than you may think about them.
SEO-Friendly URLs
A readable URL is created automatically when a new page is built. A user won't get confused with a messy line of characters, while the search engines will indicate additional number of keywords.
Sound structure
Core elements (H1 headings, title and description) are found on each page. They can be specified manually (which is important for promoted pages), but even the best hacker will fail to delete them.
High-speed loading
The websites built on webx.page load fast whatever device or internet connection type is used! Search engines like rapid websites as much as your users.
All webx.page websites are built with an SSL certificate. If you connect your domain, the SSL certificate is enabled along with it!
Available-at-all-times URL
Change your URL as many times as you want —
a user will still get to the right page, even if a friendly URL gets changed completely and there's no trace of the old one left. Search engines will always see the page as well, whatever changes have been made to the URL.
Automatically generated
Title and Description
Key meta tags are automatically generated. Even on the pages with filters and sorting. On each page. Or you can specify them manually.
Own analytics systems
Add your own Google Tag Manager code and control the analytics systems on your website with its help.
Add or update your website favicon anytime!
Images well-optimized for search
Each image automatically gets title and alt tags to improve your website ranking in search engines. Sure, you always can specify them manually
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