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Build your website in 5 steps only:
1. Sign up and choose the best-suited template for your website

Create a website structure and adapt the template to your business needs in 2 clicks.
2. Fill your website with data

Add images and video files you want to share with your customers. Turn your data into different types of tiles and galleries. Configure everything! It's as simple as to edit a Google Doc.
3. Add the main brand elements
Personal domain and logo make your clients remember you. Add the existing domain or use a free one based on our platform.
4. Share the final result
When you're ready, just publish the website, and you're on the web. Your customers will easily find you in Google due to the integrated search optimization. Promote your website and enhance SEO to get even better results.
5. Manage your website
Edit your website collaboratively with several people. Differentiate access rights and make updates as fast as possible. You will never lose any information. Everything is automatically saved for your security.
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Create a website
in no time
It's absolutely possible to build a good-looking multi-paged website just in a few hours! Do it yourself without any coding or design experience. It's simple.
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The easiest website
editor possible
WebX builder is functionally close to Google Docs or Microsoft Office that you might know very well. Just fill in the familiar tables and docs, choose the layout you wish, and your website is ready to make money!

First content, then design
Content is a crucial component of the website. First, you fill your website with data, and only after that you think about the visual layout.
The structured content makes it simple and clear.
Responsive mobile version
Mobile traffic has only been rising. Your website will look and work great on any device. The mobile version easily adapts to the screen size and has the same awesome features as the web one.
Collaborative content management
Differentiate the access rights and edit your website collaboratively. All content is interlinked and saved automatically. Immerse yourself in collaborative creation. Never worry about losing your data.
SEO optimization
The well-configured Search Engine Optimization is your chance to
get to Google top really fast. Simple and clear SEO settings will help your customers find you easily on the web.

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